Protein Scientist
Rosie Woods
Based in Cambridge our client is developing a range of bio-therapeutics to help meet the demand of the next generation of drugs to compete with monoclonal antibodies. Their technology is a novel protein scaffold based on a human protease inhibitor and offers key benefits such as smaller size, ease of formatting and high expression yields.

More recently, they’ve been working on very exciting projects towards the pandemic we’re facing, COVID-19.

They are now looking to bring on a Protein Scientist, to join their R&D team in Cambridge.

Your role will be to express and biophysically characterise candidates for their technology generated by phage display, identify leads with good drug development properties, engineer leads with half-life extension technologies and produce high quality material for pre-clinical studies which is well characterised.

What will you do?
• Clone, express, purify and characterise candidate proteins s for protein characterisation work, binding studies and stability testing using a range of different expression platforms (bacterial, Pichia or mammalian cells)
• Clone, express, purify and characterise recombinant antigen proteins to be used in phage screens and ELISA/cell-based assays from a range of expression platforms and fully characterise them using a range of methods (e.g. HPLC, SDS-PAGE, IEF and SPR).
• Maintain and establish cell lines required for protein production
• Set up and carry out HPLC based assays to characterise candidate protein batches produced inhouse (e.g. size exclusion, reverse phase chromatography etc.)
• Present work/data at internal group/company meetings when necessary and produce accurate scientific reports.

What do you need?

• A background in protein biochemistry, protein engineering, molecular biology, any commercial experience would be an advantage.
• DNA manipulation/cloning techniques and protein engineering including working with a range of protein expression platforms (bacterial, Pichia and mammalian)
• Mammalian cell culture - culturing and maintaining cell lines, transfections for protein production. Large scale protein production experience would be an advantage
• Practical knowledge of the AKTA purification platform, Unicorn software and using conventional chromatography resins e.g. ion exchange
• Developing HPLC based assays for protein characterisation
• Methodologies to characterise proteins (e.g. SPR, ELISA, Western blot)
• Experience, or solid understanding of protein engineering and protein biophysics to investigate structure/functional relationships would be an advantage.

Coupled with fantastic benefits, family felt environment, you’ll also have clear career progression.
If your hungry for an innovative, friendly, fast paced environment then get in touch ASAP.

**Please note, this client is still actively recruiting, and onboarding remotely**
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