Protein Scientist
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Matt Slinger
Based in Cambridge, my client is a preclinical phase market leader in the next generation of Biotherapeutics to meet the growing demand for the next generation of drugs that will compete with monoclonal antibodies and other antibody mimetics, primarily in oncology.

The expansion of our research activities at Cambridge has created an opportunity for a Protein Scientist to join their Protein Sciences Team.

***What will you do?***

• Clone, express, and purify molecules for protein characterisation work, binding studies and stability testing using a range of different expression platforms (bacterial, yeast, mammalian cells e.g., CHO/HEK). Maintain and establish mammalian cell lines required for production
• Clone, express, purify and characterise recombinant antigen proteins to be used in phage screens from a range of expression platforms and fully characterise them using a range of methods (HPLC, SDS-PAGE, western blot, ELISA, IEF, BIAcore, etc).
• Carry out optimisation studies to increase molecule production from host cells and develop R&D projects to improve their platform for therapeutic development
• Develop protein purification protocols and processes using conventional chromatography resins to purify gram quantities on AKTA systems
• Set up and carry out HPLC based assays to characterise molecules (e.g., size exclusion, reverse phase chromatography, etc.)
• Present work/data at internal group or company meetings or to external clients when necessary and produce accurate scientific reports

***What do you need?***

• An MSc/Ph.D. or equivalent in protein biochemistry, protein engineering or molecular biology with Significant practical experience of working in a laboratory
• Standard protein production techniques and protein engineering knowledge, including working with a range of protein expression platforms (e.g. bacterial and mammalian)
• Practical knowledge of the AKTA purification platform, Unicorn software and using conventional chromatography resins e.g. HIC, ion exchange, multimodal etc, to build multistage protein purification processes to achieve high recovery and purity yields of product
• Experience with developing a wide range of analytical HPLC based assays for protein characterisation
• Excellent knowledge of a range of methodologies to characterise proteins (e.g. SPR, ELISA, SDS-PAGE, Western blot)

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