Senior Biologist
Competitive, Strong Benefits
Michael Glaze-Santonen
Senior Biologist: London

An exciting biotechnology company based in London is looking to expand. As part of this they are seeking a Senior Biologist to join the team.

About the Company;

Founded with the ambition of developing next generation medical technology to transform medical testing and the healthcare industry. They have already developed 2 ground breaking technologies which are going a long way towards addressing the global needs for high throughput lab-based testing and mobile testing.

These technologies are 1) an ultra-highly sensitive antigen test and 2) a cloud connected portable immunoassay device which can deliver results in 40 minutes. At present these technologies are being used for Covid-19, other infectious diseases and in the longer team cardiac disease and cancer.

About the Role / Experience Sought;

* A strong understanding of immunoassays development
* PhD in an area such as Biochemistry, Biomedical engineering, Molecular Biology.
* Experience in DNA Oligo design and conjugation to proteins
* Experience in Lab-based protein Biochemistry / Molecular Biology techniques and maintaining a range of advanced technological bioanalysis platforms


* Industry experience
* knowledge of in-vitro diagnostics products
* Awareness of protein stability studies
* Microfluidics exposure
* Familiarity with ISO 13485, FDA, GMP and GPL standards.

What#39&s on Offer;

You#39&ll receive a competitive starting salary and excellent prospects of career progression. In addition, the client offers a range of benefits, generous holidays and are committed to ongoing training and development which in turn means you#39&ll receive regular exposure to new techniques, technologies and practices.
Please select your CV

If you feel that you have the required experience for the position we would love to hear from you. Please send us a copy of your CV and we will be sure to consider you. If you would like to speak to us directly then please call on 0161 236 8200.