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Experts in infrastructure!

North Point have spent most of the last 20 years working on infrastructure roles, and whilst most end-users just expect things to work, we get that this is far from the truth. The inner-workings of many busy companies are based on a solid IT infrastructure, not least in the new Covid age with a large proportion of workers working from home. We have extensive experience working with companies requiring candidates from both physical server and cloud based environments, across all operating systems.

We would love to talk to you whether you are recruting anything from an entry-level 1st line support analyst, right the way through to an IT Director or head of department.

Experts in the SDLC!

North Point have worked with hundreds of companies in the software industry to help build and strengthen their development teams. Coders often get the credit for a succesful project, but every project-manager, scrum-master, business analyst, tester and technical architect knows that they are just as valuable, and we do too.

We pride ourselves of being being able to understand how the pieces fit together, enough even to build our own recruitment methods on an diet-agile methodology, and are keen to help companies where the development of software is what they are all about. Whether you are a small start-up, or a large multinational we would love to talk to you about North Point can move the recruitment of your team forwards.

Recruitment for developers is unfortunately as complex as it has ever been and discerning a good fit from a bad one is more important than ever. Development in the 90's were dominated by a small set of broadly seperate technologies, but those days have gone. The modern developer has a near daily changing set of frameworks to consider and master, and to find good matches is not an easy task. North Point have worked on many roles across many organisations and have a strong track-record of being able to find highly talented yet suitable candidates whatever your technology stack.

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