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All the benefits of traditional contingency recruitment without the traditional cost!

North Point have spent the last 8 years working on a retained basis for a wide variety of the UK's leading scientific and technology companies. We have reduced recruitment costs by up to 70% and we would love to speak to you about how we can slash your recruitment expenditure too!

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Wouldn't you like to have your cake and eat it too?


Many companies are stuck between a rock and a hard-place. On one-hand traditional agency costs can wrack up quickly especially when scaling or recruiting for large numbers of positions. On the other, bringing your recruitment in-house comes with it's own problems in terms of recruitment, management, wages, and redundancy costs if the number of positions you are recruiting for varies frequently.

Surely there must be a better solution? We think that there is.


Why not consider our retained recruitment model?


We offer expertise without the need to commit to large fees or multiple contingency-based agencies. We are there when you need us, and not when you don't. We can handle as few, or as many positions as you like, all serviced by experts in their field and backed by cutting edge search technology to find the right candidates for your positions.


What can we offer?

For a low one off payment of £995 per role, receive 12 weeks access to all the benefits of a traditional specialist contingency based recruitment company. We provide weekly updates on progress, and are constantly available to discuss your requirements in more detail

Work with your account manager to fine-tune your requirements throughout the recruitment process as much or as little as you like.

All candidate submissions are pre-selected by us, interviewed specifically for your role, and only interested parties are put through

Unlimited applications

Optimised candidate selection via real-time access to the majority of the UKs job-boards plus access to our current database of over 2.5 million candidates

State-of-the-art technology designed from the ground-up to speed up all aspects of the search and selection process

Full managed process from selection to placement

If traditional contingency is still more your thing

Most of the work we conduct is based on a retained basis however there are certain cases when this isn't always practical, especially when the requirements are highly specific and/or difficult to find in the market. We appreciate that under these conditions, dedicating yourself to one agency can potentially be too limiting, even if financially attractive. There are lots of great agents out there, and if you feel that working on a contigency basis is more suitable to your requirements we are happy to help here too. Email us at to discuss how North Point can help.

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